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Mango is known as a "King of Fruits", and Pakistani Mango is very popular Worldwide, with respect to its taste quality.

Mangoplus' mission is to promote the finest categories & qualities of Pakistani Mangoes ever produced in the local enrichard orchards.Although Pakistan is behind 5 countries in its production yet ahead of all when it comes to quality and taste. Pakistani mangoes are appreciated in the international market owing to their attractive colour, fragrance, savouring taste, and nutritive value.

The Indo-Pakistan mangoes are monoembryonic and seedlings differ invariably from each other. The wide variations among the seedling progeny have been responsible for the evolution of several choice varieties in both the countries which have been further multiplied by vegetative means and grown on large scale. These varieties have thus been called as “Horticulture Varieties”. That is how a large number of standard varieties have come onto being and is cultivated in the different parts of Indo-Pakistan. The varietal nomenclature is so much confusing that one variety carries many names at various places and some cases on name is applied to several varieties.


Monthly Fruit Club

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Mango Plus provides you a wide rang of all seasonal / monthly frutis at your door step. Just visit our Monthly Fruit Club, and Order Now.

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