Delivery Information

Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee delivery to the address provided by the date requested on your order . We will make every attempt to verify the address and delivery information and reserve the right to make changes should an error be found. We cannot guarantee specific delivery dates due to incorrect addresses, failed delivery attempts, or weather extreme delays. Please confirm the address and availability of the recipient prior to ordering. Gifts that are rerouted or require a change in address by the shipping carrier will be charged an additional amount. 

Hospital, Hotel and College Campus Delivery

Delivery to Hospitals, Hotels, and Colleges is not recommended. However, if you would like your gift delivered, please research the following information before placing your order: 
1. What is the destinations policy on accepting packages for patients, guests, students or employees? Some locations do not accept packages or have special guidelines.
2. How are the packages received? Many locations have a central receiving department where packages are delivered prior to delivery to the recipient. Many places do not allow delivery personnel to deliver to a specific room due to privacy regulations or security purposes. 

We guarantee the package will be delivered to the destination by the date specified, however we cannot guarantee the date that the package is delivered to the recipient of the gift. We assume no liability for gifts that are lost, failure of delivery by the employees, or for gifts arriving after a patient/guest has checked out.

Choosing an Arrival Date

The Mango Plus website utilizes an easy to use calendar feature that allows the user to choose a date for their gift to be delivered. A legend to the right of the calendar provides the shipping cost associated with each delivery date. Depending on the area and time your gift needs to be delivered. While we work with our shipping partners to attempt delivery on the date requested, it may be delivered early.
Please note: If a new delivery address is requested after shipment is en route, The Mango Plus is unable to guarantee the original requested delivery date.

Delivery Times & Charges:

We require the following WORKING DAYS to Deliver or Ship the product at your door step.

Destination Delivery Time Delivery Charges
Pakistan 2 Working Days In Advance (Walkin Customer)
United Kingdom 7 Working Days In Advance
Canada 7 Working Days In Advance
Italy 7 Working Days In Advance
Norway 7 Working Days In Advance

Mode of Payment:


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